Frøya is our traditional Åfjordsboat from the region of Trøndelag. It was built by master Einar Borgfjord from Båtskott Trebåtbyggeri in 1995, based on ancient construction techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation throughout many centuries, giving it a striking resemblance to the viking-ships that were sailed more than 1000 years ago. The clinker built masterpiece is named after the norse goddess of love and fertility Frøya, who was known to be as powerful as she was kindhearted and blessed with great beauty. Today a young woman takes pride in being her captain, following in the footsteps of her ancestors who had all been seafarers throughout the times. Inspired to continue the legacy she aims to convey the Norwegian maritime culture and is happy to show guests from all over the world her lovely hometown as well as the pure experience of sailing to sea.

Max. capacity: 12 passengers (not including members of the crew)

Engine: Outboard 20hk