Groups: 1-12 Persons

We offer many different tour packages that are perfect for groups up to 12 persons and all of them can be customized to suit your wishes. Get inspired by our suggestions beneath!

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Trondheim - Sightseeing tour

On this 2 hour tour we will take our guests to the most beautiful sites in town, traveling on a traditional Åfjordsboat with a passionate local guide and captain. We will sail on the Nidelva river through the very centre of Trondheim, past the old city bridge, the Nidaros cathedral and the colorful wharves.

Then we will approach the Trondheimsjord and head northwards to the island of the monks Munkholmen, where we will make a 30 minute stop to explore the fortress and its history. Great panoramic views and many interesting stories about the past and present of our lovely hometown guaranteed!

COMBINATION OFFER - It is also possible to combine this tour with a lunch package served onboard during the tour, or a traditional Norwegian lunch at a local restaurant.

Sunset Tour

Sail with us towards the golden horizons! On this 1.5 hour tour we will take you through the channel of the Nidelva river in the city center of Trondheim past the local fish market Ravnkloa, the old harbor and the Skansen bridge. Then we will head outwards to the Trondheimsfjord where you will experience beautiful panoramic views of the fjordlandscape in the evening sun. The lighthouse at the island Munkholmen, which served the benedictine monks as a monastery during the middle ages, will guide our voyage. Our local captain has many stories about Trondheim to tell, and is happy to introduce you to Norwegian’s everlasting passion for travel by sea.

COMBINATION OFFER - Trondheim is known as the Home of Nordic Flavors! This tour may be combined with a traditional Norwegian dinner, so that you may get to know the local cuisine.



Maritime Tour

For more than 1000 years, Norway has been a seafarers nation. From simple fishing to exploration voyages, shipping and international trade - travel by sea has always been an important part of life in Norway, leaving deep roots in our culture. Even today, we are still vikings at heart.

On this tour we will sail on the city river Nidelva and the Trondheimsfjord with a traditional Åfjordsboat built with the same clinker technique as the viking-ships were built with a long time ago. You will learn about our Norwegian maritime culture and history as well as the old techniques that were used to build boats in this area. The tour duration is 2 hours: 1 hour by boat and 1 hour visiting the Trondheim maritime museum.

COMBINATION OFFER - This tour may be combined with a traditional Norwegian lunch at a local restaurant right next to the river channel and old harbor.